Mumbai faces serious water shortage


Mumbai : Mumbai is likely to see a serious water shortage with poor monsoon rains rapidly bringing down water levels in the six lakes that feed the city.

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A worried Brihanmumbai Municipal Corp (BMC), Mumbai’s civic body, has extended the 10 percent water cut in supply till July 31.

“There is not much rainfall in catchment areas,” lamented Additional Municipal Commissioner Rajiv Jalota.

According to official estimates, Mumbai needs around 3,450 million litres of water a day. The BMC now supplies 3,087 million litres to households.

The lakes collectively must have at least 12.54 million litres every year. The present collective stock is approximately 2.12 million litres as against 4.24 million litres a year ago.

“Unless rainfall increases in the next few days, water cuts will be here to stay,” the official added.

According to officials, only 70 days of usable water is left in the six lakes.

The civic body has directed all its wards to make an inventory of all wells and bore wells, to be made operational if the need arises.

Said BMC’s hydraulic engineer Ramesh Bambale: “The water in these wells can be used in their localities.”

Mumbaikars say that with Hindu and Muslim months of abstinence Shravan and Ramzan commencing Friday, water needs will only increase.

“A contingency plan is called for as people won’t be able to enjoy the festivals due to lack of water,” said Mohan Desai, 45, who has fasted every Shravan month for the past 15 years.