Online campaign for Fasih Mahmood gathers momentum

By TCN News

New Delhi: Engineer Fasih Mahmood was arrested in Saudi Arabia on May 13th but even after 20 days there is no information about his whereabouts by either the Saudi government or the Indian government.

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As Fasih’s wife and parents knocks doors of government officials and judiciary to get more information, a number of people, quite upset by his illegal detention and harassment have turned to internet to show their anger and demand justice.

In the second week of Fasih’s disappearance different people independently stated their own campaign. As launched its own campaign “Where is Fasih Mahmood?,” within days we heard of a facebook page and a petition on asking similar questions.

The Facebook page ” We want to know where is Fasih Mehmood?” lists important stories regarding Fasih Mahmood. It has managed to get 180 likes.

The petition on started by Mumbai-based activist Kamayani Bali-Mahabal is directed to the Prime Minister, Home Minister, and the National Human Rights Commission to “produce Fasih Mehmood in an Indian Court.” The petition quickly gathered first 100 signatures by May 29th. Due to sustained campaigning and knowledge about the case, petition crossed the 250 mark on June 1st, and today just within two days it is about to cross the 500 signature mark.

The petition supporting justice of Fasih Mahmood is signed by Muslims and non-Muslims alike and shows a sign of frustration among the people on what goes in the name of counter-terrorism. Suresh Bhat, while signing the petition wrote, “This case too seems to follow a kind of set pattern of arresting educated Muslim boys. Let there be a just investigation.”

Another signatory, Saudi Arabia based Syed Taj wrote, “I shudder at the thought if this happens in my family what I would do. We need to support Fasih,” providing the clue as to what the average Indian Muslim thinking and signing on to online protests and becoming more vocal to obvious subversion of law in the name of war on terror. ”Where is Fasih Mahmood” page collecting all relevant stories regarding his case has seen thousands of hits from all over the world.