Indian Muslims need think tank and lobby group: SM Syed Khalil

By Kashif-ul-Huda,

SM Syed Khalil started his professional life as a chartered accountant. He has lived in Dubai for more than 30 years and currently a Director of Jashanmal Group of companies. He is a man of many interests- a collection of hundreds of perfumes in bottles of different shapes and sizes hang in specially designed cabinets. But it may be a while before he agrees to show his amazing collection of limited-edition pens.

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Syed Khalil with his collection of perfumes

Mr. Khalil, unlike other people who just tend to their hobbies, is heavily involved in social and educational endeavors affecting Indians in general and Muslims in particular. He is closely associated with a number of social and education organizations back in India and also a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board. editor Kashif-ul-Huda interviewed him recently in Dubai.

On challenges faced by Muslims of India

We have only one united forum of Muslims of India today and that is All India Muslim Personal Law Board. This is one body that contains representatives from every section of Muslims of India. We should strengthen this body and take it to the next level.
To make this body more effective will require two things – a think tank and a lobbying group. Think tank will give direction to the Muslims while the lobby group can pursue issues concerning Muslims.

We will also need to have a better communication with non-Muslim communities of India.

On Dubai

We have all the amenities of the West while we still keep the eastern culture here. Dubai is just two and a half hours away from India so we are near our home land. So we don’t miss anything of our country and we still get best things that the world has to offer.

On success of Indian Muslims in Dubai compared to back home

No tax-regime and freedom to do business have helped us grow here. In India we suffer from discrimination by government officials. But things are changing in India many Dubai businesses are now establishing presence in India.

More perfumes…

… and some more perfumes.

Khalil sahib is recognized by various organizations for his social work.

pen collection.