Eight out of 10 voters praise Obama for Sandy response


London : Eight out of 10 likely voters believe US President Barack Obama has done an “excellent” job dealing with the super storm Sandy, according to a poll.

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The Washington Post/ABC poll is the first evidence that Obama has received a significant boost from his response to Sandy despite being forced to cancel his campaign events.

The poll was taken Tuesday night before his visit to scenes of devastation in New Jersey where he was photographed comforting a victim, the Daily Mail reported Thursday.

Some two-thirds of those who plan to support Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee, in Tuesday’s presidential election said Obama has done well in handling Sandy.

In such a tight race, the poll indicates that Obama’s handling of Sandy could tip the balance and win him re-election, particularly if a “feelgood” factor endures for a few days.

The same poll found that Romney’s one point national lead had been erased with the two candidates level on 49 points each, according to the newspaper.

Romney has been forced to tread a very cautious line between campaigning and not being seen to be exploiting the tragedy in any way.

Having no specific role in the emergency response, he has also been left on the sidelines while Obama takes centre stage.

Likely voters remain split on Obama’s overall job performance – 50 percent approve and 49 percent disapprove. Some 70 percent of those who give Obama negative marks generally give him positive marks on the superstorm.

There was, however, a possible silver lining for Romney. He received more positive than negative reviews for his low-key response to the storm.

Some 35 percent of likely voters said they had “no opinion” on his response – unsurprising given he had no official role in dealing with the aftermath and apart from one “storm relief event” took a back seat, the Mail added.