US Chennai consulate strengthening ties with AP faction of Sunnis in Kerala

By TCN News,

Kozhikode: The US consulate officer for political and economic affairs Matthew Beh visited Markaz, the head office of Kanthapuram AP faction of Sunni’s yesterday. It is believed that the visit is part of the US decision to keep cordial relations with selected Muslim factions all across the globe, especially after the recent blasphemy conducted against Prophet Mohammed [SAW] through the film ‘Innocence of Muslims.’

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On reaching Markaz he had a detailed discussion with Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musalyar and a few other Saqafis and scholars of the AP faction including Prof AK Abdul Hameed and C Muhammed Faisy. Matthew Beh assured that America won’t support any sought of blasphemous works against Prophet Mohammed and he invited AP Abubacker Musalyar to visit America.

Matthew Beh talking with Kanthapuram AP Abubacker Musalyar and other AP Sunni leaders

Earlier the recorded cables sent from the US Consulate in Chennai to Washington in mid-2006 leaked by the Wikileaks had mentioned in detail about the Muslim organisations, their social, political, economic and media participation in the state. The cables revealed that Kerala Muslims are keen on vehemently opposing American policies in the Muslim world.

The leaks mentioned the names of Minister and Muslim League leader Dr MK Muneer, Indian Islahi Movement leader Dr Hussain Madavoor [Founder of Mujahid Madavoor faction in Kerala], journalist Baburaj and former police Commissioners of Kozhikode city Neera Ravat and Balram Upadhyaya as having close links with the US Consulate on various matters. The cables while addressing the names of MK Muneer and Hussain Madavoor went on to the extent of glorifying them as their close friends in Kerala. Interestingly, the cables sent also ask to keep the names of Muneer, Hussain Madavoor and Baburaj as confidential.

Earlier the US had arranged free trips to their country for selected leaders from the community as well. The leaders of the Madavoor faction of Mujahids [Nadvathul Mujahideen] – Hussain Madavoor and Mujeeb Rahman Kinaloor were earlier found attending Iftar meets organised by the Chennai American consulate at Thrissur in Central Kerala and after the Wikileaks revelations the Kerala Muslims had kept a doubtful eye over these leaders and their organisational activities. It is quite usual in Kerala that the public conscience – especially Muslim organisations and the Left are so vigilant and doubtful about any American influence in the religious, social or political realms of the state and so as expected the credibility of these leaders were under question before the Kerala Muslim community.

It was since then that the Nadvathul Mujahideen took care to stay away from programmes organised by the US consulate and this way they even refrained from attending the last years Iftar meet. A seminar organised at Kerala University by the Chennai American Consulate too went poorly attended as the invitees feared of being branded as ‘American agents.’

It is in this context the Chennai American consulate has decided to strengthen their relationship with the AP faction of Sunnis – well renowned for their anti-Mujahid [Salafi] stands. Though silent until now, after this news there exists rumours in the Muslim circles like the AP faction of Sunni’s have replaced the earlier position enjoyed by the Madavoor faction of Mujahid’s because these section of Sunni’s are so insistent on keeping away from anything and everything associated to Mujahid [Salafist ideologies] and so it is very unlikely that they would cooperate with the US consulate until and unless they have detached all their links from the earlier comrades.