Wives of Indian sailors thank Pakistan


Islamabad : The wives of two Indian sailors freed by Somali pirates have thanked Pakistan for its role in negotiating their husbands’ release, the Dawn reported Sunday.

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Madhu Sharma and Sampa Arya met two senior Pakistanis in Karachi Saturday, the daily reported.

The wives of Indian sailors M.V. Sharma and Ravendra Gulia met Sindh Governor Ishratul Ibad Khan and Citizen-Police Liaison Committee chief Ahmed Chinoy.

Egypt-owned MV Suez ship was hijacked by Somali pirates in August 2010. The pirates released the ship and the crew, which included six Indians and four Pakistanis, after ransom was paid to them in June 2011.

The women presented the officials a gold-plated and framed image of Radha and Lord Krishna.

“I have always wanted to come to Pakistan but the trip never materialised until I felt compelled to come here to thank you great folks in person,” Madhu Sharma was quoted as saying.

“My husband is alive and with me today because of you,” she said, before breaking down.

Sampa Arya said: “Separation is a terrible thing. Our ancestors lost their sleep when we were separated (in 1947).”

Chinoy said that during the hijacking there were moments when they thought they had reached a dead end.

“I know our work will go a long way in bringing Pakistan and India close as everyone here, from the president of Pakistan down to the common citizen, felt for their Indian, Sri Lankan and Egyptian brothers in trouble. Please tell your people about our feelings when you go back to your country,” he was quoted as saying.

Burney said whatever they did was driven by love.

“Pakistan and India are indeed two brothers as are the people of both countries,” he said.