Mass protest convention in Kolkata against Bangladesh Government

Zaidul Haque,

Kolkata: “Bangladesh Government should free the renowned Islamic Scholar and Quran Expert Jamat Islami leader of Bangladesh Maulana Delwar Hossain Saidee at any cost and should immediately ban all kinds of anti-Islamic blog in Bengali language which is shock the Muslims of West Bengal beside the Bangladesh people.” This was the message sent out from the dais of a massive rally held at Shahid Minar Maidan on March 30.

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Anti-Islamic propaganda should not be tolerated, reaffirmed the speakers at the mass convention called by 15 prominent Muslim organizations of West Bengal including several rights bodies.

Secretary of All Bengal Minority Youth Federation and Ex-Madrasa students’ leader, Md Kamruzzaman said, “Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina Wazed is protecting anti-Islamic blogger Imran, who is continuously writing ill about our Prophet, and is making malicious allegations against the Islamic scholar of ‘atrocities’ during 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence which are not true.” He regarded it as part of ‘larger conspiracy against Islam.
He also called the International tribunal “unconstitutional which is not following the international standards, as pointed out by The Economist magazine.”

Leaders of 15 Muslim organizations on the stage in a protest vonvention in Kolkata on 30 March against Bangladesh Government.

Kamruzzaman also appealed to the Home Ministry of India that, it being a secular country, and hence it should immediately band the Bengali blog.

He also spoke against the ‘atrocities’ that the minorities in that country are going through, and demanded actions against the culprits of those heinous crimes.

Secretary of All Bengal Muslim Think Tank Md Shah Alam said, “Every Muslim respects the holy Prophet and Islam. They always protest against anti-Islamic element whether in India, Bangladesh or anywhere in the world. History of World said, any conspiracy against Islam and Islamic clerics was defeated, and the same will happened in Bangladesh too.”

Secretary of Milli Ittehad, An umbrella of Muslim organizations, Abdul Aziz said, `Shahbag’ movement means in favour of Taslima Nasrin, Salman Rushdie and war against Islam. If Bangladesh Government tried to hang the Maulana Demwar Hossain Saidee, that means trying to demolish Quran and Islam. It should hence be rejected by everyone.”

Editor of Mizan Weekly, Dr Masiur Rahman said, “Any propaganda against Islam should not be allowed in Muslim society. Bangladesh Government should be aware of this.”

All India Personal Law Board Member and Ex-President of Jamat E Islami Hind, West Bengal Dr Raisuddin said, “Those who want to establish an ideal Islamic society in Bangladesh, they are being targeted by the so called secular Bangladesh Government.”

‘We don’t want execution of Maulana Delwar Hossain Saidee of Bangladesh’ read a placard in Bengali.

Bangladesh Government tactically raised the case against the Islamic clerics and inspired to the anti-Islamic blog on Internet, he alleged.

Chief of the Sunnatul Jamat Committee of West Bengal, Abdul Matin said, demanded that the Bengali blog must be shut immediately.

State leader of All Bengal Minority Council Maulana Abdul Momen vowed against Bangladesh Consulate in Kolkata that, If Bangladesh Government does not stop the conspiracy against Islamic leader and Islam they will arrange agitation around the Bangladesh Consulate in Kolkata any time.

All India Milli Council leader Shahood Alam, Madrasa Students Union leader Ahsanul Bari, Shafiqul Islam, Akhtar Hossain and others also echoed in the same voice.

15 organization that had called the agitation were: All India Milli Council, All Bengal Minority Youth Federation, West Bengal Sunnat Al Jamat Committee, Association of Protection of Civil Rights, Milli Ittehad Parishad, West Bengal Madrasa Students Union, Ashikane Rasul Committee, All India Minority Association, All Bengla Muslim Think Tank, All India Muslim Majlish E Mushawarat, Aminia Jamiat E Muttakin Committee, Ulama Parishad, Magribi Bangla Anzumane Wayejin, Bangiya Imama Parishad and All Bengal Imam Muazzin Assiciation.