Blanket of hope initiative distributes blankets and other relief to victims in Shamli

    By Staff Reporter,

    Shamli: To send warm relief to the Muzaffarnagar riot-victims camped in various camps at Shamli, Shahzad Poonawalla and other responsible intellectuals and activists took an initiative called ‘Blanket of Hope’, the first trip of which was made on December 23 to the Malakpur, Sunhati, Beepur, Mansoora, Dasang, Barnawi and Kairana madrasa camps with approximately 3500 and 800 clothing items for the needy victims.

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    In Malakpur camps, Blanket of Hope distributed 900 blankets. This camp has by far received most of the relief because of its easy accessibility on the highway. Sunhati camp which exists in three parts had received 600 blankets which have been distributed among 240 families. Beepur Hatia camps which is in the interior and rarely visited, have received 880 blankets which were given to 220 families. In Mansoora camp, 85 families have recived 320 blankets. Dasang camps have received 200 blankets, Barnawi 200 and Kairana madrasa camp have got 100 blankets.

    “On an average we tried to ensure that every household gets 3 blankets as there are 4-5 people in a family and they have to take turns at using blankets in this biting cold,” says Shahzad in the word of thanks issued by him for thanking his friends from India and outside for helping with funds for Blanket of Hope.

    “Blanket of Hope started off as an effort among friends to collect 200 odd blankets. But we were blessed with over 3500 blankets. The blankets just did not run out last night. It was a miracle. No matter whichever camp we would reach, our trucks would always be full of blankets,” he mentions in this thanking letter.

    “Many politicians and officials have visited these camps and insist that the inhabitants go back. But they have no clue of the ground situation. Almost 90percent of the testimonies we recorded from the people we spoke to, the resounding consensus was “We can’t go back”,” Shahzad mentions the findings of the visit in the thanking letter.

    While speaking to TCN Shahzad said, “We had taken the initiative for the camps in Shamli but there are more camps and victims waiting for relief so Blanket of Hope is not stopping here now as soon we will be visiting other places also.”

    Blanket of Hope distributed approximately 3500 blankets and 800 clothing items to six camps yesterday. Here is a quick breakup of the camps visited.