US looking for business opportunities in Vizag


Hyderabad: The US is looking for business opportunities in Visakhapatnam, the second biggest city in Andhra Pradesh, especially in the port sector.

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Judy R. Reinke, minister counsellor for commercial affairs at the US embassy, would be visiting the port city also known as Vizag Friday.

“I will have a chance to talk to the port community and to see opportunities for American business to do more engagement in the port sector,” she said at annual day function of the American Chamber of Commerce Hyderabad Chapter (AMCHAM) here Thursday night.

She said the US was keen to have further engagement with Andhra Pradesh.

“The US commercial service at US embassy has an office here. I am also happy to say that last year we opened American Business Corner in Vizag with a local partner because we see it is important to have even further engagement here in Andhra Pradesh,” she said.

Reinke noted that many American companies including Microsoft, AMD, International Paper, DE Shaw & Co, Qualcomm, S&P Capital and CA Technologies have made Andhra Pradesh their home.

Describing Hyderabad as the global destination city, she said that the event is an evidence of the fact that Hyderabad is a place to be for American industry.

“Hyderabad is beautiful city known for its cuisine, culture, history and people. It is also global destination city. One finds people from all over world in hotels and in companies here and it is a city known for its engagement with global market,” she said.

James Golsen, commercial officer, US Consulate, Chennai said the business relationship between the US and Hyderabad was ever expanding.

Katherine Dhanani, consul general in Hyderabad, pointed out that during last one year trade delegations from San Antonio, Texas and Washington states visited Hyderabad and the focus was medical devices and renewable energy sectors.

The US officials honored industry bodies, institutions and individuals to recognize their contributions to US-India business relations.

J. A. Chowdary of Talent Sprint and B. V. R. Mohan Reddy of Infotech Enterprises were felicitated for their leadership role in promoting business ties between the US and Andhra Pradesh.

Eleven institutions were also honoured. They included the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), the Andhra Pradesh unit of FICCI, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and Aurobindo Pharma.