Fatima day: A message of Islam to women

By Syed Hasan Zia Rizvi, TwoCircles.net,

Lucknow: On International Women’s Day, Avadhnama publications organized Fatima Day in association with Urdu Media guild at IMA hall here in the state capital.

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Convener of the event, Waqar Rizvi and Director of Avadhnama group Dr. Haider Mehdi presided over the function.

The speakers at the event included prominent Shia scholars, Maulan Mirza Mohammad Athar, President of All India Shia Personal Law Board and Dr. Maulana Kalbe Sadiq, Member of AIMPLB, Rashida Tahir, Arif Mohammad Khan and Alim Naqvi.
Dr.Kalbe Sadiq highlighted the plight of Muslim women these days and its solutions in Islam.

Mirza Mhammad Athar said, “The concept of confining women in walls and not letting them work is not Islam it is created by society. The best example was of the daughter of Prophet Mohammad (saw), Hazrat Fatima Zehra, who taught whole womankind how to work by keeping true hijab (protecting chastity). Her defense of dispute for the property of ‘Fidak’ was an example of fighting for the right of women”.

He also narrated the famous incidents related to Prophet’s daughter and urged all Muslim women to follow her and her conduct.

‘The pride of women award 2013’ were also distributed to the following women for their outstanding contribution in their respective fields, Dr.Farhazana Mahdi, Prof. Sabira Habib, Dr. Shanveer Abidi, Dr. Sunita Singh, Doa Naqvi , Ghazala Fatima, Yusra Hussain, Shehnaz Sidrat, Nida Rizvi and Maryam Magazine.

The topics covered and discussed were women in Islam, pride of women and women empowerment.