Communal clashes near Vikarabad town, 46 Muslims arrested

By Staff Reporter,

Hyderabad: A communal brawl exploded at Mominpet Mandal near Vikarabad town located at 75 km from Hyderabad. Clashes between Hindus and Muslims erupted when the latter objected on playing of high music devotional songs from Hanuman Mandir which was ‘disturbing’ prayer meetings at neighboring Jama Masjid.

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According to local Muslims, devotional music with high volume was being played in the Mandir during the mosque prayer meetings since last Ramzan which annoyed them. Last evening during Maghrib prayer when the same thing continued, some Muslim youths went to the Mandir and raised their protest, which prompted Hanuman Mandir administration to stop the songs.

But after some time, activists of Bajrang Dal arrived and continued the music with even louder voice. According to the police when tension gripped high, both communities used the loud speakers of mandir and masjid to give call to the members of their respective community to assemble for protest.

Due to the calls from loud speakers hundreds of people gathered at the spot, which soon led to communal clash. Police restored to lathi charge injuring many people from both communities.

In the night police arrested 46 people of Muslim community from adjoining areas of the mosque on the charges of inciting communal riots.

Muslim leaders raised this issue of arrest of Muslim community members in the state legislative assembly. MIM legislative assembly floor leader Akbaruddin Owaisi charged the government of being biased towards Muslims in dealing with communal clashes.

Replying to Owaisi’s remarks Home minister Sabita Reddy indirectly charged Muslim community of instigating communal conflict by suggesting that youths from Muslim community went into the mandir with their shoes to raise their protest, which later prompted counter protest.

MIM leader in the assembly, however, said that the Home Minister statement is bundle of lies to hide the inefficiency of her government in dealing with trouble mongers.