AAP files defamation case over sting operation

    By IANS,

    New Delhi : The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Monday filed a defamation case against India News editor-in-chief Deepak Chaurasia and two others, alleging that they conducted a fake sting operation to harm the reputation of the party.

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    The defamation case was filed by AAP national secretary Pankaj Gupta. The case will be heard in court Nov 27, an advocate for the AAP told IANS.

    According to the AAP petition, the sting operation CD was released to the media by Anuranjan Jha, CEO of Media Sarkar, and run by India News editor-in-chief Deepak Chaurasia and CEO Vinod Sharma on the news channel.

    It said the trio damaged the reputation and the image of the AAP.

    “Act of the accused is clearly malafide and calculated to defame the complainant in the eyes of voters of Delhi where assembly election is going to take place Dec 4,” the petition said.

    “Therefore, the accused have committed an offence of defamation under section 500 (defamation) of the India Penal Code,” it said.

    Chaurasia said the AAP has targeted him personally.

    “It (the footage) was run by other channels also. Why does the AAP not file cases against them?” Chaurasia told IANS.