Turks protest against Egypt’s mass death sentencing

Ankara : At least 3,000 Turks staged a protest in Istanbul Friday against the verdict of an Egyptian court sentencing 529 people to death last month.

Protestors carrying banners against the executions gathered in the yard of Fatih Mosque after the Friday prayers, Xinhua reported.

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They appealed to the Egyptian government to repeal the mass executions. They also condemned people for remaining silent against the mass conviction which they termed as injustice.

Edanur Aytas, one of the protestors, criticised public opinion for not showing their reaction against the decision of the Egyptian court.

“We ask them, in the name of Allah, to stop their wrongdoing,” Aytas said.

Another protestor Hilal Cakmak told Xinhua that the death sentence of the innocent people is not acceptable and said: “We demand from Egyptian government to withdraw their decision.”

“To hang 529 people is a crime against humanity,” said another demonstrator Aysel Bolat.

“We are standing by our brothers and sisters who are awaiting their death penalty,” said another protestor Bulent Yazar.

An Egyptian criminal court last month sentenced 529 members of the Muslim Brotherhood to death on the charge of attacking a police station in Mattai district and killing its deputy head after the dispersal of ousted president Mohamed Morsi’s supporters from a sit-in in August last year.