Mahesh Bhatt led Karwan-e-Bedari in Rampur and Bareilly

By TCN News,

Rampur: Karwaan-e-Bedari of the Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC), Aligarh entered in the Uttar Pradesh on its first leg with an aim to mobilise Muslim electorates in favour of Congress, the Karwan reached Rampur from Delhi where Mahesh Bhatt and Actor Ravi Kishan not only addressed several meetings in Muslim localities but also campaigned door to door.

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Afterwards the Karwan moved to Bareilly and distributed pamphlets among Muslim masses. The Karwan members’ mainly senior teachers of the Aligarh Muslim University fanned out to Muslim dominated areas and convinced the voters to back the Congress for defeating communal forces.

Addressing the public meeting at Rampur and Bareilly, Mahesh Bhatt called upon the deprived section and Muslims to vote the Congress for continuity and to save the nation from chaos and communalism.

Ravi Kishan mainly addressed women issues and said that the empowerment of women and minorities are two most important issues and only Congress can deliver the positive results.

Convener of Karwan Jasim Mohammad said that our aim behind the mobilization of marginalized classes and Muslim is to ensure secular government.

Karwan will move to Lucknow and adjoining constituencies on 23 April in which Alia Bhatt, film actress will also participate.

It should be noted that 50-60 senior teachers and scholar of Aligarh Muslim University are part of Karwan who has great influence in respective constituencies.