Sale of cattle for slaughter hits village economy: Modi

New Delhi : BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Tuesday reiterated his opposition to what he described as “pink revolution” or cow slaughter, saying cattle was an integral part of village economy and the issue should not be linked to any community.

In an interview to ABP News TV channel, Modi said the disappearance of “pashu” or cattle from villages was “bad for the economy”.

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“In many places in India, bovines are being sold off. This is an economic problem. ‘Pashu’ is the economic wealth of the villager,” said Modi, whom opinion polls project as likely to be India’s next prime minister.

He said the problem of cows and buffaloes being sold off to slaughter houses needed to be studied as the villages would be devoid of cattle and India needs to increase milk productivity.

He said in Gujarat he has set up cattle camps, where cattle are attended to by veterinarians and their cataract operations are done and dental problems looked after.

Modi said he has sent a team of veterinarians to the US to study laser surgery for cattle.

“Cattle are a big contributor to the village economy and should not be ignored.”

“Now the situation is grim,” he said, and added “Please don’t associate this with any community”.