Pakistan government rules out talks with Imran Khan

Islamabad : The Pakistan government has ruled out the possibility of resuming a dialogue with PTI chief Imran Khan after he said that he would shutdown major cities – and the country.

Most political parties rejected Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief’s call, fearing that the country would be plunged into a crisis, Dawn online reported Monday.

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Responding swiftly to Khan’s ‘Plan C’, Information Minister Pervez Rashid said the government would not resume talks until the PTI chief gave up what he called “the politics of turmoil”.

“We cannot sit down to talk to someone who is working on a foreign agenda to destabilise the country. We will talk to somebody who is loyal and patriotic,” he said.

“By calling for a complete shutdown Dec 16, Imran Khan is promoting the agenda of anti-Pakistan powers,” he said.

“On Thursday (Dec 4), I will go to Lahore and shut it down. On Dec 8, I will shut down Faisalabad; I will go to Karachi Dec 12 and shut it down. By Dec 16, I will close down all of Pakistan,” Imran Khan said while addressing a rally in Islamabad Sunday.

During the rally, he reiterated his demand for a fair probe into the 2013 general election.