Modi is Time readers’ choice of the Person of the Year

Washington : Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to be the Time magazine readers’ choice of the Person of the Year as he had a seven point lead over Ferguson Protestors when the online poll closed at midnight.

TIME’s editors will announce their own choice of the 2014 Person of the Year, who would appear on the cover of the next week’s issue of the news magazine, on Wednesday.

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But in the readers’ vote for the person they “think most influenced the news this year for better or worse”, Modi led with 16.2 percent over Ferguson Protestors (9.2 percent) in the second place and Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong (7 percent) in the third place.

Nobel Prize winning Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai was in the fourth place with 4.9 percent followed by Ebola Doctors and Nurses (4.5 percent) in the fifth and Russian President Vladimir Putin (4.3 percent) in the sixth place.

US President Barack Obama was in the 11th place with 2.2 percent, two ranks behind Pope Francis (2.6 percent).

Former secretary of state Hillary Clinton with presidential ambitions was way down in 21st place with just 1.2 percent three places ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping with the same percentage. German Chancellor Angela Merkel was ranked 14th with 1.8 percent.

Results of the Time readers’ poll will be officially announced Monday.