After poll victory, Japan PM to decide on cabinet lineup

Tokyo : Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Monday said he will make a quick decision on the lineup of his new cabinet after Sunday’s elections saw a landslide victory for the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

Abe made the remarks during a press conference and said that all cabinet members and the LDP executives are likely to retain their posts, Xinhua reported.

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The prime minister said that revising Japan’s constitution is an aim that the LDP has been pursuing for long and the ruling bloc will push forward security-related legislation and try to gain more public understanding on the issue of constitution amendment.

As the ruling coalition secures a more than two-thirds majority in the powerful chamber, it could approve bills rejected by the upper house.

Abe also said he would continue his economic policy mix, dubbed “Abenomics”, and will set the economic issues as his top priority.

The LDP gained 290 seats in the election and recognised one Independenty candidate who also secured his seat as an LDP candidate after the vote.

With Komeito’s 35 seats, the ruling bloc now has a combined strength of 326 seats in the 475-seat chamber.

Voter turnout in the election dropped to a record low of 52.66 percent, down 6.66 percentage points from the 2012 polls.

However, two groups of lawyers filed lawsuits earler in the day with Japanese high courts, seeking to nullify the results of Sunday’s elections due to the vote disparity across constituencies.