Play on disappearing daughters enthralled Delhities

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Kathak exponent Dr. Rekha Mehra, presented a Ballet titled “Tu Kaisi Maa” on female foeticide and women empowerment and Play – New Life, a drama on cancer, with visual effects in background.

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Kanya Bhrun hatya (female feticide) is a process of aborting perfectly healthy fetuses after about 18 weeks (or more) of gestation just because they are females. Although legally banned, is indiscriminately practiced in several parts of the country, resulting in disparity in male to female ratio.

Play on disappearing daughters enthralled Delhities

A presentation of Urvashi Dance Music Art & Cultural Society with YOUWECAN, Tu Kaisi Maa – a Dance Ballet on Women Empowerment and another Play, New Life, a drama on cancer, directed by Dr.Rekha Mehra wooed the theatre lovers.

Eminent personalities who graced the occasion included, Vijay Goel-MP, Satish Upadhyay-President, Delhi BJP, K.K.Miital-Additional Secretary,Ministry of Culture and Radha Mohan-Agricultural Minister, among others.

“We should keep an end to the violence that kills women before birth, child abuse and domestic violence.These incidents threatens us to remove the mask of modernity as we still remain in primitive society rooted in inequality, polarised by class, caste and religion,” said Dr. Rekha Mehra.

“Rape is rampant in India due to inequality and of embedded violence. Women are wonderful daughters, sisters, wives, and mothers. They should be loved, cared, respected and should be protected,” she added.

Play on disappearing daughters enthralled Delhities

Education is the powerful tool for women to improve self-image, acceptance of family planning and their empowerment. Days are not so far, when there may be emergence of the situation where brides will no be available for the marriage of the sons to maintain lineage and continue the human race of even those people who believe on long standing tradition of son preference.

India has yet a long way to go in her fight against pre-birth elimination of females. Time is quickly ticking away. A shortage of girls would lead to a shortage of eligible brides, she added.