British sailor may have seen missing MH370 on fire

Sydney : A British woman on a sailing trip may have seen the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 streaking through the night sky on fire, media reported Wednesday.

Katherine Tee, 41, witnessed a plane surrounded by bright orange lights and with a tail of black smoke pass above her while sailing from India to Thailand with her husband in early March, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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Her husband Marc Horn, 50, was asleep below deck at the time.

Tee has only recently reported to the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) in Australia about this.

She now believes that it may have been the Malaysian flight which went missing March 8. The plane was going from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

“It caught my attention because I had never seen a plane with orange lights before, so wondered what they were,” Tee, from Liverpool in England, wrote in the online sailing forum Cruisers Forum.

“I could see the outline of the plane, it looked longer than planes usually do. There was what appeared to be a tail of black smoke coming from behind it,” she said.

Image from Katherine Tee’s blog showed where the sighting was made, the report said.

Tee, who has also written about her experience on her blog, did not initially report her sighting to authorities or even to her husband, she said, as they had been at sea for 13 months and she was going through a strained relationship with husband.

But recent media reports about the difficulties with the search off the west Australian coast convinced her to come forward this week, she said.