Muslim Political leaders are maligning the community through irresponsible statements

By A. Mirsab,,

It is very unfortunate for the Muslim community that those who are suppose to represent them as a whole on the biggest political forum of the world is actually letting them down by speaking irresponsibly against opposition parties or leaders. While hurling abuses against the opposition, Muslim leaders are losing their moral ethics and are using such a language which is actually in turn hitting back the community strongly.

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When any Muslim leader is raised to a certain position from where he is viewed as the representative of the community then he must understand that his position has come with responsibility and that every of his act will be seen as if done by the community. But the Muslim political leaders in India have seemed to forgot their responsibility altogether when they are using superfluous language during election campaigns.

Abu Asim Azmi [Courtesy:]

Salman Khurshid termed Narendra Modi as impotent (Napunsak) whereas Imran Masood went ahead and dared to chop off Narendra Modi into pieces. Who was hurt with their words? None but the Muslim community. This is because utterance of such words from a Muslim political leader expresses haplessness of the community in battling at the open political ground where their leaders are failing and only for amusement of some people of the community releasing their irritation by hurling abuses against opposition.

One can still understand the frustration behind uttering of these sentences but these leaders could have used proper statements owing to which the controversy could have been avoided because such controversies will have greater negative impact than any other benefits to them.

Azam Khan of Samajwadi Party in one of the rally talked about revenge of riots and ultimately got banned by Election Commission from campaigning. Now he is throwing allegations against EC but the community is in no way interested in those allegations and feel that if Azam Khan would not have used those unqualified sentences then he could have helped the community in uniting the votes of Muslims in UP.

Yesterday Samajwadi Party Maharashtra Pradesh President Abu Asim Azmi said such a statement which is definitely not going to be swallowed by the community easily. Abu Asim was addressing a rally in Sant Kabeer Nagar of Uttar Pradesh and was urging people to vote for SP candidate from Khalilabad constituency Mr. Bhalchandra Yadav. He said that those who do not vote for SP are not true Muslims and their DNA test must be carried out to ascertain if they are actually RSS people.

His controversial statements has angered Muslims living in the country and are into melancholy due to such a negligent statement which has been said not by someone against whom they may go into war of words but by their own community leader. As per the report, team of Ulema in Mumbai will be holding a meeting shortly to discuss on this matter and to decide if Abu Asim Azmi has said something which may debar him from Islam.

The day these leaders introspect and realize that their position is not the nobility but they are essentially burdened with the responsibility of community and are accountable to them then only can the belief of community in their leaders will be strengthen and would help them to come together to achieve their common political agenda. May the Almighty bestow this biggest minority of India with such leaders who at least have infinitesimal feeling of accountability towards their community.