Google to introduce new features for “live” election results

New Delhi : Google said Wednesday it will introduce new features to help provide comprehensive latest news and live update of election results scheduled for May 16.

The new features include a live results map, live Counting Day YouTube newscasts, and much more.

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“Voters will be able to access ‘live results’ at through a nation-wide view of a live count allowing everyone to see how many votes each party and candidate has secured,” Google said in a statement.

The Live Results Map will allow internet users to view both nationwide party results and constituency level results across all 543 constituencies as soon as they are declared through the day.

Live Results Newscasts will enable internet users to watch YouTube live streams from leading news channels.

“This election the internet has been a catalyst and provided a great platform for political parties to leverage the power of social media to interact and mobilise young India to go out and vote,” said Rajan Anandan, managing director, Google India.

“As India nears the counting day, Google will continue to provide essential news and information to the voters, ensuring that they have all the relevant information at a single destination,” Anandan said.