Youth’s wishlist for Modi: Jobs, safety of women

New Delhi : The country’s youth, which came out in large numbers on election day to vote, as the BJP led by Narendra Modi offered them hope, opportunities and security in a flagging economy, a shrinking job market and a seemingly uncaring state, now demands that the new government stick to its promises and deliver without failing.

Most of the young people said in conversations with IANS that jobs, corruption, price rise and women’s safety should be on the new government’s priority list.

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“Now that the BJP has come to power, I am hopeful about the new government but also have certain reservations,” said Guwahati-based Avantika Paul, who had voted for the Congress.

On being pressed, the 27-year-old-entrepreneur added: “Like most liberals, I have my reservations against this right-wing government and I am apprehensive that they might increase censorship and regulation in popular culture and social media, make minorities feel more insecure, and clamp down on gay rights.”

“I see a lot of qualified youth sitting idle and many other over-qualified people earning meager salaries. This leads to brain drain, which should be checked by the government. So, I would expect the new government to ensure increased job opportunities,” Rishi Mahendru, a commercial pilot, told IANS.

For Mimansa Shekhar, a Narendra Modi supporter, the new government will bring a much-needed “change” from dynastic politics.

“The biggest reason behind this change of guard is corruption that hogged previous government. So, the first thing the new government should keep a check on is its corruption levels,” Shekhar, a 28-year old journalist, told IANS.

She added that inflation is an equally important issue.

“Also, it is essential that Modi develops a national perspective and silences his critics by developing the entire country, much like Gujarat,” she stated.

Agreed Tenzing Youtso of Bangalore, who voted for the BJP.

“A Modi win implies that India desperately wants change. I have also voted for the party and now, I want this government to deliver its promises and bring about policy reforms, make India safer for women and give them equal rights,” Youtso, a 20-year-old student, told IANS.

Pratikshya Gogoi, who lives in Guwahati, said it is natural to expect development and better facilities.

“But along with that, I hope the new government does away with all sorts of reservations – except for the differently-abled in the field of education. Additionally, the resources from our areas should be used for us only,” Gogoi, a 23-year-old student, told IANS.

But for Priya Raman, a homemaker, women’s safety should be the new government’s priority as “everything else will follow”.

“Women’s safety cannot be ensured by weakened patrolling and check posts without the presence of police personnel. The government should run sensitisation programmes, enforce stricter laws and set up fast track courts, which would ensure better conditions for women,” she added.

Raman further stated that only when the new government ensures all this will it stand the test of time.