Modi wants BJP to become diverse, launches mega membership drive

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi Saturday asserted politics was not dirty and asked BJP to emerge as a “diverse” party to become “representative of all” and be able to “fulfill the dreams of all” as he launched a mega membership drive of the party here.

“It is said politics is dirty. No, it is not. If politics was dirty, Mahatma Gandhi would never have ventured into this,” Modi said launching the BJP’s first membership drive post its emphatic win in the 2014 general elections.

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“BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) should also come across as a diverse party. People from all strata of society should feel that we have a representative in this vase of flowers,” he said in the presence of a large number of BJP workers.

Modi, who shared the stage with party president Amit Shah and senior party leader Ram Lal, said: “The poor and illiterate should also feel that we are a part of this party. The organisation should be expanded in such a manner that it is representative of all and can fulfill the dreams of all.”

The prime minister added: “People from all sections of society should feel they have a representative in BJP. Our country is full of diversities, BJP should also be visible as a party with diversities.”

The party’s new membership drive aims at increasing its strength to three times the current strength. The BJP holds organisational elections every two years and a membership drive every six years.

Modi said that the membership drive should serve as an example globally.

The prime minister became the first member of the BJP in this membership drive, which will last till March 31, 2015. He along with Shah enrolled as BJP members online.

“By giving me this opportunity, today the BJP has honoured me. To be a member of such a party is also a matter of pride,” he said.

Modi said the BJP is one of the world’s most important organisations and could even be a subject of study.

“The BJP is one of the most important organisations in the world. Yet we have never positioned it like that. To be a member of BJP is to live the disciplined life it demands… every member of BJP is a representative of the people,” he added.

Modi said that the country’s politics was changing. “Era of mass agitation for politics seems over. Now people expect parties to play significant roles in public life.”

Shah said the present membership drive was important as it was being held after the BJP got a full majority in this general election. The party also formed its first-ever government on its own in Haryana and Maharashtra following the state assembly elections.

Prior to the membership drive launch, the BJP held three workshops. The first one was held in Bengaluru, where southern and western states were present, then there was a workshop in central and western Indian states followed by a workshop in Kolkata for north-eastern and eastern states.