Anxious Sillod Muslims awaiting police action against circulation of derogatory posts on Whatsapp

By Staff Reporter,

Mumbai: Aggrieved Muslims of Sillod district in Maharashtra are eagerly waiting to see police action against what they termed as the circulation of derogatory posts on mobile application Whatsapp, the content of which maligns the image of Islam in general and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in specific, they allege, adding that it is an attempt at disturbing the communal fabric.

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Police have not apprehended anyone so far despite presence of evidence to book miscreants and filing of timely complaint with the names of anti social elements behind circulation of the message.

Complaint lodged in Sillod Police Station.
Complaint lodged in Sillod Police Station.

Abdul Hafeez Deshmukh, a resident of Nandra Ghat in Sillod district filed a complaint before Sillod Dehi Police station stating that he received a message on his mobile on Tuesday from a group “Happy Diwali” sent by Anil alias Baburao Ambhore which purportedly urges Muslim girls to marry Hindu boys.

The complaint reads that the alleged message circulated on Whatsapp maligns image of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his daughter Fatima. The message is titled as “Muslim girls are requested to read carefully to secure their future” and subtitled “Benefits and only Benefits” and “One decision, many benefits”.

The message purportedly lists some benefits under the line “If a Muslim girl marries non-Muslim then she will be entitled to following benefits without any request” and tries to convince Muslim girl while making derogatorily references to life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his daughter. In the end sender requests non-Muslims to forward message to as much people as possible.

When learned about such messages making round on social media, the Muslims in the area came together and approached police for immediate action, against the miscreants for trying to disturb the communal harmony and maligning their religion.

Due to lackadaisical behavior of the local police, Muslims in the region have reportedly got aggravated and wrote a letter in this concern to API Sillod Dehi Police Station with a copy to Tahesildar ,Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) and Superintendent of Police (SP) Aurangabad demanding urgent and stern action.

Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to be the last messenger of Almighty, preserve highest respect for him and regard defending his prestige to be a religious duty upon every Muslim. This is the reason that Muslims in Sillod have approached police to book offenders under sections of IPC for hurting their religious feelings.

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