BJP legislator shot at in Delhi, unhurt

New Delhi : A Delhi BJP legislator Wednesday grappled an assailant who shot at him thrice. The bullets harmlessly whizzed past, police said.

The attack took place outside the Shahdara home of Jitender Singh Shunty at about 6 a.m. Shunty was elected to the Delhi assembly from the Shahdara assembly segment.

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Police sources said an unidentified man wearing a helmet rang the doorbell and called out Shunty, asking him to attest some documents.

As Shunty looked at the documents, one of the papers fell on the ground.

“Some of the papers fell on the ground and when I got up after picking them, (the assailant) was pointing a pistol at me. I managed to grab hold of his arm before he could fire and we struggled for a while before I ran,” Shunty told IANS.

Shunty dashed towards his home. It was then that the three shots were fired, following which the assailant fled from the spot. All the bullets missed their mark.

The legislator managed to get inside his house. He then locked the door.

The assailant apparently fled on a motorcycle that an accomplice was waiting with a short distance away.

“We found three empty cartridge shells…,” a police official said.

Shunty said: “I have no enmity with anybody.”

The entire dramatic incident was caught on CCTV.