Hindutva troll and media silent on reported case of Saffron ‘love Jihad’ in Muzaffarnagar

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Muzaffarnagar: A Muslim woman from the Khalapar area in Muzaffarnagar has accused her husband of marrying her while pretending to be a Muslim, although he is a Hindu and was earlier married already. She has also alleged that after marriage her husband is now forcing her to perform puja and coercing her to convert to Hinduism.

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Hindi Daily, Amar Ujala reported that the victim, a Muslim girl, has filed a written complaint to the police alleging that she married Azhar on 15 June, 2014, but she later discovered that his real name was Ajay and is son of Bhopal Singh.

Azhar alias Ajay (Courtesy: Amar Ujala)
Azhar alias Ajay (Courtesy: Amar Ujala)

The victim has alleged that she discovered that not only was her husband Hindu but that he was already married as well, but she kept quiet. But the matter got worsened when he allegedly started putting pressure on her to convert to Hinduism and to perform rituals of puja or worships of Hindu deities.

According to the victim, when she resisted her husband, a resident of Sharafat Colony in Muzaffarnagar, threatened to call an acquaintance from the locality for forcible sexual liaison. She could not bear it anymore, and hence on August 30, she fled to her parents’ house in Khalapar locality.

The girl has also alleged that one September 6, Saturday, the accused had come to her parents’ house along with another woman Munajara, who is a resident of Sharafat Colony to convince her to come back. As she refused, they both physically assaulted her and escaped, the girl has complained.

The police have filed cases against both Munajara and Azhar alias Ajay for physical assault and attempt to rape and have arrested Azhar on Monday. The PTI quoted Sub-Inspector Pramod Pawar saying that she used to beat her and sodomise her to force her for conversion.

Azhar, however, had denied the charges, saying that he had converted to Islam and is a Muslim, adding that he is being “implicated” because of a property dispute, according to the PTI report.

It is a sensitive case and only a diligent investigation can tell if the charges are indeed true and if it is a case of purported Saffron ‘Love-Jihad’ as he appears to be a bearded Muslim in skull cap from the photograph.

What is interesting to note in the case though is the lack of coverage of it in the mainstream media, unlike the Ranchi case where Tara Sahdeo, a national-level gold-medallist rifle shooting champion, had similarly accused her husband Ranjit Kohli alias Rakibul Hassan of forcible conversion and the media had gone overboard and Hindutva troll were burlesque in castigating it as a case of Love-Jihad.