A journey from cyberspace to social change

From the gutsy tale of Malala Yousafzai who stood up to the Taliban, to the role played by cyberspace in today’s lives — IANS bookshelf this week has all this and more on offer. Take a look.

1. Book: Picture Abhi Baaki Hai, Author: Rachel Dwyer, Publisher: Hachette India, Pages: 258, Price: Rs.499

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The book explores India’s economic growth and social change through popular Hindi cinema. In the book, Dwyer, a film scholar, looks at Bollywood films since 1991 and offers an explanation on how films have corresponded to and in some cases depicted India’s changing dreams and hopes.

The book also reveals how with passing times, Bollywood films through entertainment have portrayed modern India and its views on religion, caste and their aspirations and would continue to do so.

2. Book : Malala, The Girl Who Stood up for Education and Changed the World, Author: Malala Yousafzai with Patricia McCormick, Publisher: Hachette India, Pages: 245, Price: Rs.299

The book traces Malala’s story, which she has written for her peers. Malala, who at a very young age faced Taliban opponents, narrates how on the day she was shot, she was to appear for an examination and had overslept.

Led with a passionate belief in every girl’s right to education, Malala, through her book hopes to inspire children across the world.

The book also gives a peek into her life after she was shot and adapted to life in a strange country.

3. Book: Only Connect, Edited By: Meenakshi Bharat, Sharon Rundle, Publisher: Rupa, Pages: 224, Price: Rs.195

At a time where lives have become virtual with battles fought in cyberspace and love being declared through instant messages comes this collection of short fiction from India and Australia on “Technology and Us”.

Edited by Meenakshi Bharat and Sharon Rundle, the book weighs “the deep impact of technology on our lives, relationships, and the ways in which we perceive each other and ourselves”.

So, while Bharat’s “B Wid U Soon” narrates the story of a couple who despite living away from each other successfully share the joy of the birth of their child through technology, Janhavi Acharekar’s ‘Sneha 25’ brings to the fore the hoax of digital ties and cyber lovers.

These stories by 20 known and budding authors highlight the role played by cyberspace in one’s life today.

4. Book: Collected Stories, Author: Raja Rao, Publisher: Penguin, Pages: 188, Price: Rs.299

This vibrant collection traverses the entire span of writer Raja Rao reflecting his understanding of the village life and passion for India’s struggle for freedom.

Part of Penguin’s Modern Classics series, the book offers the best of Rao – with stories ranging from those written as a struggling writer to the ones written in his later years.

The book comes with an introduction by poet and translator R. Parthasarathy.