Yemen expected to reach agreement with Shia rebels

Sanaa : Yemeni officials expect the government to reach an agreement with the Shia Houthi rebels who are besieging the capital Sanaa in an attempt to force the government to resign.

A website run by the Yemeni defence ministry quoted “high-level” sources as saying that an agreement was expected to be reached to end the conflict with the Ansar Allah (Followers of God) group.

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The agreement will include several points aimed at removing tension between both sides, and at forming a new government based on political participation and efficiency, the website said.

UN Special Advisor on Yemen, Jamal bin Omar, held talks Wednesday with Abdulmalik al-Houthi, the leader of the insurgent group in the northwestern province of Saada.

Bin Omar explained that he met with al-Houthi in order to find a peaceful solution to the current crisis.

He also discussed possible solutions, which could be ratified by all the concerned parties, and said that the three-hour meeting was positive and constructive.

The talks between al-Houthi and bin Omar will be resumed later Thursday.

The clashes between the Houthi militias and the government forces continued in Shamlan village, according to village residents. No injuries were reported.

At least 30 people, including 12 soldiers and four civilians, were killed earlier this week during clashes in Shamlan.