JIH concludes 10 days pre-poll campaign on inclusive growth

By TwoCircles.net staff reporter,

Mumbai: After learning lessons from Lok Sabha elections in which division of votes paved way for BJP, Jamat-e-Islami Hind (Maharashtra) has undertaken an ambitious effort of uniting secular votes in Maharashtra for the upcoming assembly elections so as to keep saffron parties away from coming into power. The 10 day campaign titled “Maharashtra ka Vikas – Niyay aur Sadbhavna ke sath” was concluded in a ceremonial program held on Sunday at Zamzam Hall, Kausa , Mumbra – Mumbai.

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The Jamaat body had started state wide campaign on 12th September with a target to reach out to six crore people in the state realizing them the importance of their vote and the need of voting for secular parties so that voices of minority communities may not be suppressed by the communal parties in the state.

JIH concludes 10 days pre-poll campaign on inclusive growth

Many senior faces of Jamaat addressed gathering during the concluding program stressing the utmost need of uniting secular votes division of which may ultimately help fascist political parties.

In his speech Mr. Khurshid Anwar, President of Thane unit of Jamat e Islami Hind reminded from the history that Muslims ruled over India for more than 800 years and during this period all the communities Hindus, Sikhs and Christians lived as brothers and no communal violence existed during that period. He said that development during that period was all around and India made substantial progress in all the spheres. Thereafter it was the British who ruled India and during which the problems of Communalism rose as the British relied on the policy of ‘Divide and Rule’ amongst Muslims and Non Muslims.

JIH concludes 10 days pre-poll campaign on inclusive growth

Mentioning Muslims contribution in Independence he mentioned that Muslims especially the learned religious scholars played significant role and sacrificed their lives in securing the Independence from the British in 1947 and that division escalated over a period of time resulting in the formation of RSS around 1925 and later into Jansangh and many other Political affiliations which resulted into the culmination of forming the current Government which has promised Achche Din that are yet to come in reality.

He alleged that under the guise of Development the Education is being saffronized in the country and commercial properties are being developed on wakf properties etc.

Faisal Madni, Principal of Jamia Islamiah, Mumbra said that during the last Loksabha elections the Fascist forces succeeded not because of their development agenda but because 29% electorate did not divide while the 71% electorate divided amongst several political parties. He emphasised that unless people do not understand the importance of vote they will not be able to create the required the Political stability for bringing the Secular government in Maharashtra.

JIH concludes 10 days pre-poll campaign on inclusive growth

Prof. Javed Shaikh, President of the local unit of Jamat e Islami said any decision taken today for electing a candidate will have its effect for the next five years and therefore secular votes have tremendous potential to make a positive change. He further said that Unity amongst secular votes is very essential and this unity should result in arriving with consensus in selection of a single good candidate.

Siraj, President of the Movement for Peace and Justice (MPJ) in his presidential speech presented statistics of poverty & hunger, education and wealth concentration amongst different sections of the society in the country and urged the gathering to work for the welfare of all sections of communities and to help them in understanding their rights along with the importance of their votes.


JIH launches campaign for inclusive growth and harmony before Assembly elections in Maharashtra