We have re-energised India’s growth engine: Modi

Hannover : India is the only emerging economy where the growth rate is rising, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said and added that “we have re-energised the Indian growth engine”.

In an Op-Ed piece in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Monday, Modi said: “We have re-energised the Indian growth engine. The credibility of our economy has been restored. India is once again poised for rapid growth and development. It is the only emerging economy where growth rate is rising. The prospects are even better.”

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The Indian prime minister, who is in Germany as part of his three-nation sojourn, said that “this has not happened by chance”.

“My government has earnestly taken up the challenge of development and economic transformation of India. For us, development is not a mere political agenda; it is an article of faith.

“We have initiated specific policies and actions to realise our vision for New Age India with a clear set of economic goals and objectives. Our focus is not merely economic growth but an inclusive development. This requires creating jobs, upgrading skills, raising productivity, benchmarking quality with global standards. Our aim is to completely eliminate poverty and to propel all Indians into a life of purpose and dignity within a generation.”