Agra church attack: Christian body demands fair probe

Agra : The Christian community in Agra has demanded a fair probe into last week’s vandalisation of a church here, even as police claimed that a jilted lover was behind the incident.

On Thursday evening, a rickshaw puller was detained after it was found that he fell in love with a woman whom he used to ferry to the church.

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But when she did not respond to his advances, he lost his cool and damaged church property.

The priests and the leaders of the Christian community here have, however, dismissed police claims.

United Christian Forum’s Andrew Prakash on Thursday objected to the police version and demanded a fair probe to nab the culprits.

St. Mary’s Church in Agra Cantonment area was found vandalised on April 16 with statues and a car in the campus damaged.

Police remained clueless for more than a week after the incident till three people were detained for questioning.

However, till Thursday, police were not able to secure any concrete evidence against them.

So far, police have tracked more than 300 mobile numbers and questioned over 500 people, but are still nowhere close to get any breakthrough.