Saudi woman delivers baby boy in airport loo!

Mumbai: In an unusual medical emergency, a Mumbai airport toilet became an unlikely delivery room for a 20-year-old pregnant passenger from Saudi Arabia.

The young Saudi woman delivered a healthy baby boy in a toilet at the Mumbai International Airport on Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

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The pregnant woman, Alhagbani Haya Saud, was to travel to Riyadh by an Air India flight from Hyderabad, which she was waiting to board in Mumbai.

When she went to the toilet, she suddenly went into labour and the baby came out partially as she sat on the toilet seat.

Hearing her cries for help, housekeeper Sweta Satpal immediately informed medical emergency personnel.

A medical team rushed within minutes and quickly took charge of the situation.

Ensuring that the baby did not fall off, the medical personnel arranged a safe and successful delivery in the rest room at 1.45 p.m.

Later, the Saudi woman was shifted to the Seven Hills Hospital in Andheri East for postnatal care.

“She was accompanied by her mother, brother and sister. The mother and the baby are fine in the hospital,” an official told IANS.

The official said the medical personnel took precautions to calm the woman, helped her get up from the toilet seat and ensured that the half-out baby did not fall.