In photos : Asia’s longest Iftar, stretching up to 1.6 Kilometers held on the banks of Dal Lake Srinagar

Srinagar: Asia’s longest Iftar spread, stretching up to 1.6 Kilometers, was held on the banks of Dal Lake in Srinagar on Saturday.

More than 3,500 people formed a 5,000-feet-long chain over Dastarkhwan (dining spread) at the scenic Dal Lake in Srinagar to break their fast. They were treated to delicacies of biryani, juice, dates and fruits – all free of charge.

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The Iftar spread was organised by an event management company called ‘Loud Beetle’ in cooperation with civil society groups, business houses from Kashmir and outside.

Sharjah city in UAE has held the record for organizing Asia’s longest Iftar over 1.3 kilometer stretch, but with spread of 1.6 kilometers Kashmir is on the top slot for organizing the longest Iftar spread.

The main invitees for the Iftar spread were the children who were orphans studying in local Madrassas.

All Photos by : Raqib Hameed Naik

People sitting is queue on the banks of World-famous Dal Lake to be the part of Asia’s Longest DastarKhan (Dining Spread) where around 3000 people were expected to open their fast.

People impatiently waiting for the sun to set so that they can open their fast

Saturday evening was quite different for Kashmiris as most of them preferred to bring their families along with them to become the part of this historic event. A group of women talk as their kids anticipate the Iftar time.

Three friends have travelled couples of Kilometers to become part of the Iftar on Dal Lake. As one of them is busy attending his another friend, the other two are discussing about the huge attendance of people in Iftar.

The most anticipated moment, as loudspeakers announced “Iftar. Iftar, Iftar,” the Rozadars without losing the time picked up their dates and opened the fast which was to be followed by bananas and finally a pack of ‘Biryani’.

There was much hustle and bustle on the shores of Dal lakes as thousands of people were arriving from different parts of Srinagar to take part in Asia’s longest dining spread.

The Iftar was followed by Maghrib prayers, as everyone finished their packs of Iftar, it was time for Namaz.

Two Orphan kids, studying in a local madrassa who were part of the Longest Iftar spread enjoying the scenic beauty of the Dal Lake as they wait for their bus to ferry them back to their madrassa.