Freedom fighter threatens to jump into Yamuna river

Agra: Freedom fighter Chimman Lal Jain, 96, on Tuesday threatened to jump into the Yamnua river on October 2 if the government failed to enforce prohibition in this Taj city in Uttar Pradesh.

Jain leads an active campaign against liquor addiction in many slum dwellings here.

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A strong advocate of prohibition and also a Gandhian, he will become Akashvani’s oldest broadcaster when his recorded show will be broadcast at 9 p.m. on Tuesday.

Hundreds of men, women and children have now joined the marches and rallies spear-headed by Jain against liquor consumption, said social activist Rajiv Saxena.

“A few months ago, he donated his charkha to the Taj Municipal Museum after spinning yarn with his frail hands for the last time,” Saxena added.

Frail and short, Jain told IANS: “On Tuesday morning, I led a group of 600 men and women against liquor addiction in Khateek Para basti of Agra.”

Jain said he would continue to fight and added: “On October 2, I will jump into the river Yamuna and sacrifice my life if the government failed to take effective measures to enforce prohibition.”