Amid misery, quake’s gift: Gushing water channels

Kathmandu : Amid the widespread death and destruction that the devastating April 25 earthquake has spelt in Nepal, it has also given the nation a welcome gift: Several underground water channels have suddenly opened up and water has started gushing out from them, media reported on Friday.

Underground water channels in Mahadevsthan village and stone spouts in Matatirtha village have started to function after many years, the Himalayan Times reported.

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According to sources, water is gushing out from these channels and villagers now have more than enough water for drinking, cleaning, bathing and cooking.

Most of the villagers said the earthquake opened up the underground water and channels that had been blocked due to newly-constructed houses were once again getting abundant supply of water.

Similarly, a water source in Sundhara near Mahadevsthan has also started flowing.

“These traditional channels had run dry three to four years ago. I still remember the source at Sundhara supplying water three years back, but it suddenly ran dry. Sources of water had decreased in this locality and surrounding areas,” a local from Mahadevsthan said.

Villagers do not use any filter to purify the water fetched from these natural sources.

People living in tents pitched in open spaces to survive the aftershocks of the quake consider the water flow as a blessing.

Rabina Mishra, 26, a local of Mahadevsthan, said: “We don’t have to depend on water tankers of the government for drinking water at this hour of crisis.”

“The water channels that had not been operating for long time have suddenly started gushing fresh and pure water near our tents,” Mishra added, happy at the development.