Dadri: Candle-light protest rally held in Kolkata

By Zaidul Haque,

Kolkata: To protest the brutal lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq a candle light rally was organised by human rights organisation `Human Rights Protection Association’ in Kolkata on Monday.

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The rally raised voice for justice of Mohammad Akhlaq, who was killed by a mob that attacked his home at Bisahra village in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh. Akhlaq was reportedly attacked because there was a rumor in the village that he ate beef. Protesters blamed the Modi Government for the deteriorating communal situation in the country. They said, history will remember the present Modi Government as one that led the country into the dark age.

Mass Candle light protest rally against the killing of Muhammad Akhlaque organised by Human Rights Protection Association held in Kolkata on Monday.

The protest rally started from the Gandhi Statue at Esplanade East in Kolkata. The different section of the people was participated in the protest rally. President of the Human Rights Protection Association and social activist Shamim Ahmed said that the fanatic forces inspired by the ruling BJP government killed Akhlaq. “They not only murdered the 50 years old Akhlaq but also killed the secular identity of the country. Fanatic group behind the lynching also brutally murdered the national integrity and brotherhood culture of the society in the area of Dadri,” said Ahmed.

Shamim Ahmed put the responsibility of deteriorating communal harmony on the Prime Minister of India. He said, supporters of the Modi is very dangerous and these are the people who are behind the killing of Akhlaq.

Shamim called for unity among the all community and protest the killing the innocent people by the fanatical forces. He demands CBI enquiry of the killing of Akhlaq and capital punishment of the guilty.

Shikh leader Tahzib Singh said, the killing of Akhlaq was not only murder of a man, but the secular fabric of this country. He seeks justice and wants remarkable punishment for the killers. He called all secular people to protest the killing of Akhlaq.

Human right activist Abdullah Abdul Qadir said, rumour killing of Akhlaq is a very serious matter. It may be pre-planned. He said, the main accused of Muzaffarnagar riots in Sangeet Som was in Dadri holding a public meeting by defying the section 144 which clearly indicates that there was a conspiracy behind the killing of Akhlaq.

Another Shikh leader Trilok Singh, Shahnawaz Khan, renowned Journalist Nurullah Jawed and many others personalities took part in the rally.