‘Doors of opportunities are closed for Dalits and tribals because of caste prejudices’

By Yogesh Maitreya, TwoCircles.net

Vaibhav Chhaya is a poet, writer, social media analyst and political commentator. He has published a book of poetry. His political commentaries have featured on various Marathi news channels in which he had participated. He is an Ambedkarite activist. In this interview by Yogesh Maitreya Vaibhav talks about Hardik Patel and Vijay Darda’s article against caste-based reservation.

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TCN: Vijay Darda states that reservation based on caste must come to an end. What do think of this statement?

Vijay Darda is hardcore businessman and politician. His understandings and consciousness are similar to capitalist thinking. Hence, he would surely get offended by rights of reservation which provide equal representations. However, he pitiably attempted to be correct later on because of vehement contempt to this Brahminical mentality by people. Caste-based reservation should continue as long as there are exploitations on the basis of caste.


TCN: Do you think Darda’s statement is caste-biased, since he does not mention anything about recent caste-census yet comment over reservation and its end?

Yes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Darda’s statement stems from only and only caste-prejudices. About the issue of caste-census, I reckon, statistics which it has, would be very troublesome for the Government. Although Darda is not the part of ruling government now, he is certainly an important representative of Brahminism and Capitalism. There is possibility to see changes into the number of reserved seats and its percentage, if the statistics of caste-census would be disclosed. Hence, he has decided to be mute on this issue.

TCN: Darda interpreted that another meaning of reservation is to shun particular class. Do you think this statement is caste-biased? If yes, can you explain?

Yes of Course, this statement is 100% cast-biased. It was half-truth that reservation was for 10 years, as stated by Darda. Only political reservation was for 10 years. Further, it has been extended by accommodating amendments into the Constitution. Darda does not provide answer to that, to provide reservation on the basis of economical conditions, which criteria should be considered. Exploitation in India is based on caste. Doors of opportunities are closed for Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes because of caste prejudices and hatred against lower castes. Is he going to consider this….How can reservation that is provided to one class for their progression be responsible for the backwardness of other? Today, if there is 50% reservations then who governs the remaining 50%? Hence, Darda’s logic is improper.

TCN: Darda wants end to the caste-based reservation and, 22 years-old Hardik Patel demands to avail reservation for elite Patels; how do you look at these manifestations in the context of reservation as an affirmative action for Dalits?

First of all, there isn’t any scheme of affirmative action that exists into private sectors for Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. Though, there are few companies where there are similar kinds of schemes available, but there too, these are not being utilised properly. Hardik Patel has no clue about himself at first place. Actually, he is a venomous object injected into the market of agenda-setting and supported and nurtured by anti-Modi lobby. ‘Give us reservation… or end it’, this statement of him sounds similar to ideology of Sangh Parivar. Reservation is not being implemented properly and isn’t making any impact except at few places, although it is available today. If it was contrary, then we wouldn’t have seen the backlog of years into the cases of corruptions which are being exposed on time to time. It would be problematic for backward classes to support Hardik Patel only because he has been portrayed as an answer to Modi.

TCN: Do you think Hardik Patel’s agitation is another tactic to distort the image of caste-based reservation and make Dalits more vulnerable?

Yes, this is true. But the reality of Hardik Patel is exposed by social media soon after it has started. Hence, it won’t make much mess further, as it seems. But, if he would get further support, then government would likely to accommodate all opportunities into the guise of welfare in order to demolish reservation.