BJP’s actress candidate threatens polling officer in Bengal

Kolkata : Bengali actress Locket Chatterjee, contesting the West Bengal assembly election as a BJP nominee, on Sunday threatened the presiding officer of a booth in her constituency Mayureshwari, Birbhum district, following allegation of rigging.

Confronting the presiding officer of booth number 30 in the constituency, a fuming Chatterjee threatened to take him to task for “allowing rigging” and got the entire argument video-taped.

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“Did rigging take place or not?” asked Chatterjee as the presiding officer denied repeatedly.

Infuriated at the presiding officer’s denial, Chatterjee repeatedly pointing fingers at him and slamming her fists on a table said: “Don’t you feel ashamed, how much money have you got? You are ruining the life of people here. Will you be able to sleep after knowing how you allowed rigging here?”

Asking her party men to record the entire conversation on a mobile camera, she made the polling officer say twice that there was no rigging and also recorded the version of the man who alleged rigging.

“We will send this video to the (Election Commission) and then you wait for the consequences. You are ruining the people of Bengal for the sake of Trinamool.”

“When others are saying, even then will you say there was no rigging? How much money have you taken? You just wait for the consequences,” added the actress.