Congress compromised national security for political gains: BJP

New Delhi : The BJP on Friday accused the Congress and former home minister P. Chidambaram of “compromising national security” for their political gains.

“In this era of global terrorism, when India is among its biggest victims, the Congress has practiced very low-level politics and compromised on national security for its political gains,” BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi told the media at the party headquarters here.

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“Numerous Congress leaders and ministers had said they had some information or the other from unnamed sources about saffron terrorism. The Congress must thus clarify how people not part of the then government were in contact with intelligence officers or those from the investigative agencies,” Trivedi said while accusing Chidambaram of “leaking” information to people who were not part of the then United Progressive Alliance government.

“Chidambaram must tell how much information was passed on to the then prime minister as well as the UPA chief Sonia Gandhi when the investigative agencies took a sudden U-turn on the Ishrat Jahan case.”

Trivedi also alleged that the Congress had communalised the country’s education system, apart from the process of disbursing bank loans on communal lines.