Dr Zakir Naik objected to these statements made by Arnab Goswami

By A Mirsab, TwoCircles.net,

Mumbai: Pitching in a strong case of defamation against Arnab Goswami, President & Editor in Chief – TimesNow, Dr Zakir Naik has noted each statement made by Goswami during “The Newshour Debate” telecasted live on TimesNow TV News Channel. Dr Naik considers these statements to be false and made with an intention to defame him and to malign and lower his reputation in the eyes of general public.

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Dr Naik referred to Goswami’s jibe at him during “The Newshour Debate” telecasted live on TimesNow on July 6, 7, 8, 12, 14 and 15.

In the legal notice, it was mentioned that that till date, Dr Naik has not received any notice from investigation agency and/or from the Government with regard to any of the allegations raised against him. However, TimesNow TV news channel was carrying out a media trial influencing people at large as well as the investigating authorities who were reportedly carrying out a probe under the directions of the Maharashtra Government.

Here is the complete transcript of what Goswami stated during live debates:

“The Newshour Debate” on July 6, 2016 :

(i) “He is not a scholar, No, No, No…he is not a scholar, no, no one second, he is not a scholar, he is not a scholar. He is Mr. Money bags. He makes lots of money. He makes some lot of money spreading hate”.

(ii) “….He is not a scholar, he is a supporter of Osama Bin Laden, he used the medium of television to build the case for Osama Bin Laden…”

(iii) “…..Zakir Naik is so dangerous, he is so dangerous, because he uses the television media…”

(iv) “… He is using the garb of Quran to defend violence, the ISIS has carried out the attack in Dhaka and this man is defending Osama Bin Laden and building a case for them…”

(v) “….He is an agent of terror”…

(vi) “…This debate is for protecting India from venomous people like Zakir Naik”…

(vii) “… I cannot tolerate people who carry an Indian passport and have no loyalty to this country, to this country’s belief, to this country’s sovereignty and to this country’s secularism…”

(viii) “…Kafeel Ahmad responsible for the 2007 Glasgow Airport attack, the man who plotted the 2007 London bombings is inspired by Zakir Naik, Iqbal Bhatkal, Raahil Bhatkal of the Indian Mujahidden are inspired by Zakir Naik…”

(ix) “…Zakir Naik is the person inciting the people to carry out murder, acts of terrorism…”

(x) “Now he is really a rich man and the source of his wealth is the hate he spreads through the medium called TV…”

(xi) “I will tell you the things he says, why don’t you listen now? He is a man he says 9/11 is an inside job, Osama bin Laden is an innocent man, then he makes comments against Christians.”

“The Newshour Debate” on July 7, 2016 :

(i) “You need a testimony of a terrorist to act against a man like Zakir Naik, he has used television to broadcast messages of hate, you want a terrorist to give an interview saying i was inspired by Zakir Naik to act against him? That’s not even funny Tariq Fateh is into the debate….Tariq Fateh, Tariq Fateh!”

(ii) “ISIS flag are raised on routine basis in everyday, what is the guarantee that those people who raised the ISIS flags are not inspired by Zakir Naik.”

(iii)“…Zakir Naik is in support of Osama Bin Laden…”

(iv) “…Put him in jail if require because he is the trader of hate…”

“The Newshour Debate” on July 8, 2016 :

(i) “ And the demand ban on Zakir Naik, ban on his activities, the ban on his financing, the ban on his channel, the ban on this so called organisation that he runs, the ban on his freedom in India is up for debate tonight…… This anti-national fanatic called Zakir Naik?

(ii) “ Every Muslim should be a terrorist, those are the words tonight, and let me complete “Every Muslim should be a terrorist, the thing is if he is terrorising terrorist, he is following Islam” every Muslim should be a terrorist were his words”

(iii) “ I think people, these fanatics, these anti-national elements like Zakir Naik they misuse Indian democracy, Indian Institutions, Indian generosity, Indian law, Indian spirit. Zakir Naik would not be allowed to operate in the United Kingdom, he is not allowed to enter the United Kingdom. In Australia he would have been thrown out, because the Australian Prime Minister advocated a red card system to ban hate preachers from entering the country, right. In France he would not be allowed to operate for a single day, because France banned four Islamic scholars from attending a conference in Paris on the grounds of public order. In Denmark this man would have been thrown out, persona grata view, because Denmark could contemplate drawing up a list of Islamic preachers who propagate anti democratic ideas and even Malaysia which is a predominantly Muslim country, Atiqur Rahman even Malaysia did not allow Zakir Naik to give a talk there”………….the fact of the matter is in April this year Zakir Naik was prevented from giving a talk in Malaysia which is a predominantly Muslim country, because there was a fear he could hurt religious sensitivities…….”

(iv) “ I am saying Ahmed Ayaz, that this man is an inspiration for terrorist, you want me to make it more clear, he is a global inspiration for terrorist.”

(v) “ He inspires terrorism……you are mixing up Islam and terrorism.”

(vi) “……I am not denigrating Islam, I think Zakir Naik is denigrating Islam. You should have the courage to say that on the television… Zakir Naik is denigrating Islam.”

(vii) “….You should say lock up this fellow, Zakir Naik is nothing, I am telling you today disown Zakir Naik , disown Zakir Naik, disown Zakir Naik, he is bringing a disgrace to your religion. He is using your religion.”

(viii) “ … Today when I am saying, here is a man who is using a mix of television, big money, supporting terrorist to promote bigotry and divide our country as justice Markahande Katju says suddenly you say you are anti Muslims. What kind of logic is that? You should disown this man Zakir Naik.”

(ix)“….. is he an Islamic scholar? Is Zakir Naik an Islamic scholar? Answer my question?…………………… then by saying so and I say this to your face today you are making him a definitive authority on religion and legitimising his worked interpretation of the Qur’an, you are supporting people like him.”

(x)“…The time is up, this is not the time to entertain Zakir Naik, it is time to put him behind bars…..”

“The Newshour Debate” on July 12, 2016 :

(i) “…And my question to you sir is, I saw your statement and I was horrified on Zakir Naik, I mean you actually came out in the open and supported this terror inspirer, this terror preacher you came out in the open and did it I mean how low will you fall for a few Votes…..”

(ii) “And who is going to vote for you when you support someone inspired by Osama bin Laden? I saw you.. no no your talking on a time when 21 people in Kerala, 21 people in Kerala have gone missing and join the ISIS and two, who as per their parents use to visit Zakir Naik. At a time when you should be looking into where they are, why so many extremist are being inspired by Zakir Naik, I think personally that it is utterly shameful that you actually come out and defended him.”

(iii) …” I am telling you that Zakir Naik is supporter of Osama bin Laden you tell me, you tell me why you are supporting Zakir Naik? You tell me why you are supporting Zakir Naik? He is inspiring people to join the ISIS, why are you supporting him.”

(iv) “..Yes he is, he is a supporter of terrorist; he is a supporter of terrorist.”

(v)…” who Zakir Naik jaise anti-national aadmi ke saath associate bhi hosakte hai, who race mai hai ek dusre ke saath, tasleem rehmani.”

(vi) …” than Zakir Naik is, Zakir Naik is, Zakir Naik is…why are you supporting him? Why are you supporting a man who supports suicide bombings?… Are you for Osama Bin Laden? Are you for suicide bombing? Are you for inspiring people to join the ISIS? What rubbish are you talking about, do you even realise….. You are giving a person, who is a terror supporter political credibility and I think saba is absolutely correct.”

(vii) “The same people inspired by Zakir Naik will come back to this country and attack people on our soil and you will be responsible Gaurav Bhatia for that terrorism, because you are providing the justification for that terrorism.”

(viii) “… of the heinous and regressive thoughts of Zakir Naik. He is against, what this country stands for and please Tasleem Rehmani desh ke bare mai sochiyeh I thank you all for joining on debate number one on the newshour tonight..”

“The Newshour Debate” on July 14, 2016 :

(i)“questioning in connection with the Aurangabad arms haul case?….there was no evidence found against him, but a certain Feroz Deshmukh who used to work in the Islamic Research Foundation was arrested for his role…..This is the same Feroz Ahmed, let me connect the dots who is out on bail, who allegedly made Abu Jundal, who went on to the play a role in the 26/11 attacks and where did the meeting happened? the meeting happened in the office of the Islamic Research Foundation, who runs the Islamic Research Foundation? is Zakir Naik, which means there was a meeting with 26/11 mastermind in the Islamic Research Foundation office….”

(ii) “Why was the IRF office, why was the IRF office a meeting point for a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative like Abu Jundal?……no I am not saying, I am very clear, the Mumbai police.. Why are you are getting hassle?.. I am not making allegation, I am saying simply, Vikram Singh can come into the debate.”

(iii) “I am repeating myself and I am saying it again, that Zakir Naik has reportedly said that suicide attacks… I am saying that he is an inspiration for terrorists… I am saying he derides other religions. I am saying he is a part of a network of Salafist preachers who have spread hatred… “

(iv) “Will you take responsibility today if there is an attack in India of the ISIS and that person says the like in Bangladesh we were inspired by Dr Zakir Naik? You know the problem with you is Mr. Pathan till the act of terrorism does not impact individuals you feel it would happen to…..you need to be realist about what’s happening in this country and you are only brainwashed and you are brainwashing people.”

“The Newshour Debate” on July 15, 2016 :

i) “..This is the hate, This Salafi Wahabisim is what is destroying kasmiriyat and destroying Kashmir and creating trouble in Kashmir, we have to take on people like Zakir Naik we take them head on..”

(ii) “I would only say this. I don’t want an opportunist who makes money by inspiring terrorist to say that I represent Islam.”

iii) “The concept of Islamic supremacy is the same that ISIS speaks and Zakir Naik speaks, now Mr Bashir.”

After TimesNow, Dr. Zakir Naik to send legal notices to other media houses