Welfare Party of India asks PM Modi to explain stand on attacks against Muslims

By TCN News,

New Delhi: Terming Prime Minister Modi’s statement “to shoot him instead of Dalit brothers” as selective and divisive in nature, the Welfare party of India has asked him to clarify stand on cow vigilantes’ attacks against Muslims.

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After maintaining a long silence over the Dalits’ thrashing by cow vigilantes at various places in India, Prime Minister Modi on Sunday called such ‘gau rakshaks’ (cow protectionists) as anti-socials and told them to shoot him but not Dalits.

Reacting to this statement of him, WPI said it lacked sincerity and seriousness. It also said his words are too little as well as selective and divisive.

“By saying to shoot him but not his Dalit brothers, Modi is again taking refuge of the divisive and partisan politics being practiced by the Sangh Parivar”, said P.C. Hamza, national general secretary of WPI in a statement released to media.

He also raised many questions, “Why our Prime Minister is selective and cannot consider all citizens as his brothers and sisters? Why Modi is keeping silence on the assault of Muslims by these same cow vigilantes? Why the PM not in clear terms and words condemn the attack on religious minorities in various part of the country by fringe groups affiliated and inspired by Sangh Parivar?”

WPI alleged that Modi’s reaction was made out of political compulsion as the BJP felt apprehension of political reverse from agitating Dalit communities in forthcoming assembly elections.

The Party also criticized him for not reaching out to the families of those five people killed by consolation words and compensation rewards, in various incidents across the country by the cow vigilantes.

The statement from WPI further reads, “The PM post warrants head of the nation to see all Indians of the country as brothers and sisters irrespective of (their) caste and religion”.

WPI also maintained that the emerging unity among the affected sections to fight communal fascism cannot be thwarted by such hollow statements of PM Modi.