IMRC provides blankets and warm clothes to 1,200 families in north India

By TCN News

Bihar: Following a sharp dip in temperature, Indian Muslim Relief & Charities (IMRC) , a US-based relief organisation, has started the distribution of blankets and warm clothes across various cities and villages in different states of Northern India.

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In Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, 1,200 families have been provided with blankets, while 300 families were provided with warm clothes.

In Jharkhand’s Chatra and Palamu districts along with Gaya district of Bihar, about 600 families have been provided with blankets. The organisation also distributed sweaters, jackets and shawls among 300 families including widows to assist the needy in Jharkhand.

“We have already covered Pratap Pur block in Chatra and Manatu Block in Palamu besides Imamganj block and Dumaria Block in Gaya. There are around 150 villages in these three districts where 600 poor families have been provided with blankets,” said Jharkhand IMRC Volunteer, Wahid Nadvi.

In Bihar, the blanket distribution drive is in progress and at least 200 families have been already provided with blankets.

“We have covered village Ababakarpur in Hajipur and Shaikhpura in Siwal and there are around 10 other districts where the distribution of blankets is in progress,” said Bihar IMRC volunteer Afzal Hussain.

In Uttar Pradesh, 100 needy families have been provided with blankets in Faizabad. The blankets were also provided to a local madarasa.

Another distribution of blankets among 250 families is already under progress in Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh.

IMRC is also providing 300 mattresses to needy people in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh which will benefit 1200 people.

“We have been helping the poor and needy people during the season of winter in India every year. Our main motive is that the help should percolate down to the poor and deserving. We have always tried to channel the aid to the remotest areas which often remain neglected,” said Manzoor Ghori, Executive Director, IMRC.

IMRC is running a blanket donation drive where anyone can donate $10 per blanket. Please visit: for more information.