I am daughter-in-law of UP, ready for any role: Sheila Dikshit

New Delhi : Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday declared she “was the daughter-in-law of Uttar Pradesh and willing to take up any role” offered to her by the Congress high command for the upcoming state assembly elections.

There are speculations that Dikshit and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi’s daughter Priyanka Gandhi will have a major role to play in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. There is also speculation that Priyanka would be the principal campaigner of the party in the polls.

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Dikshit said that Priyanka would be the “right” person to be the chief campaigner for the Congress in Uttar Pradesh.

“I can’t tell you what will happen. Let it happen first. Let us see first what roles are assigned, how we divide our work. It will be presumptuous of me to assume something,” said the three-time Delhi chief minister.

“If she (Priyanka) joins the campaign, she will be very welcome. She is familiar with UP. The media and television channels have been running programmes on Priyanka for the past two days. I think she is the right person. She would be a great asset for the party,” she added.

Asked if she was ready to take up a major role in the Uttar Pradesh elections, Dikshit said: “It is not a matter of being ready or not ready. If the party wants me to do something, I will do. Yes, I have expressed that the time available is short, but beyond that I have no choice. Whatever the party asks me to do, I will do.”

Asked about concerns before saying ‘yes’ to the new assignment, Dikshit said: “Doesn’t matter. We will sort it out. I believe they have sorted it out. Now, let them (AICC) announce whatever they have decided.”

“I don’t know what role I am going to play. But, whatever I am asked to do, I will do. I cannot assume,” she added.

Asked if her being a Brahmin face would help the party in the state, she said: “I am also the daughter-in-law of Uttar Pradesh. I have been married in UP, I was born in Punjab and spent most of my days in Delhi and was also educated here.”

Dikshit was married to the son of Uma Shankar Dikshit, one of the stalwarts of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh who was close to Nehru family and was also a central minister.

She said: “I keep going to my in-laws’ place. And now if I go, then I’ll go there formally.”

But maintaining a sense of caution, Dikshit said: “There is no announcement yet. Till there is an announcement, I cannot assume or presume things.”

On the question which place she would prefer since she was born in Punjab, married in Uttar Pradesh and has worked in Delhi, Dikshit said in a lighter vein: “I come from all the three places, so all three places are my choice.”