Ramadan 1437: Mohammad Tayyab

Mohammad Tayyab

By Asif Khan, TwoCircles.net

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A few years ago, Tayyab, who works as a lawyer, was invited to a community Iftar in his neighbourhood. The lane in front of his house was covered with white sheets. Running its entire length, a dastarkhwaan (table spread) laid out with neat rows of plates piled with snacks beckoned those fasting.

It was a mohalla affair which had to be attended. But Tayyab knew he would face a problem. With the proliferation of sects has arrived a difference in timings for Iftar. Each breaks their fast at a different time separated by a few minutes, listening intently to identify the sound of Azaan from their respective mosques.

“I knew that the hosts would eat a few minutes later than me,” he said, “and it wouldn’t have looked nice if I started before anyone else on the dastarkhwaan”.

To avoid offending anyone without delaying his Iftar — and making it makrooh (undesirable) according to his belief — he came up with a solution. “I lined my lips with salt before reaching there,” he smiled, “and when it was time, I casually licked them.”

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