IUML Takes on Kanthapuram for anti League stance, alleges ties with BJP

By Shafeeq Hudawi, Twocircles.net

Kozhikode: An article written by Indian Union Muslim League state general secretary KPA Majeed in party mouthpiece Chandrika and Madhyamam daily came down heavily against All India Sunni Jamiyyathul Ulama general secretary Kanthapuram A P Aboobacker for his alleged support extended to BJP in the state assembly elections.

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Majeed, through the article, lashed out at Kanthapuram terming him ‘Modi bhakt’ pointing fingers to the participation of Kanthapuram in the recent International Sufi Conference, held in Delhi. The motive behind the article was the IUML’s narrow victory in Manjeshwaram by 87 votes.

“Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar has cheated the Muslim community by joining forces with Sangh Parivar for big personal interests and to a lesser extent for organisational gains. Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar took a pro BJP stand in Manjeswaram constituency bay falling prey to the lure of some vested interests. He has cheated Muslim community along with the people in Kerala, who believe in the secular credentials of the state. By ensuring votes to the BJP candidate there, he has extended his support to Narendra Modi, who is responsible for countless atrocities against minorities and dalits. Besides, by supporting BJP candidate, he has also offered support to Modi’s efforts to divide the Muslim community, which tries to form into one entity,” the very first lines of an article read.

There were calls made by Kanthapuram to defeat IUML candidate N Shamsudheen at Mannarkkad constituency while AP faction members campaigned against the party’s candidates in constituencies like Tanur, where IUML candidate Abdul Rahman Randathani lost to LDF independent V Abdul Rahman.

However, the article has paved way to an open fight between the AP Sunni faction and IUML giving clear indication that the party will no more appease the AP faction of Sunnis in Kerala.

The IUML, in recent years, has been extremely cautious about not antagonising the Kanthapuram faction, in spite of the vigorous opposition from the EK Sunni faction, the rival group of AP. But the poll debacle has forced it to rethink its strategy. Irked by the alleged raw deal towards its demand from IUML, Kanthapuram faction had formed a party named Kerala Muslim Jamaa’t ahead of the assembly election. Besides, an array of protests were organised by Kanthapuram’s followers alleging AP faction was not given due representation in Kerala State Haj Committee and Kerala State Wakf Board.

“Kanthapuram has traded votes in favour of the BJP in Manjeshwaram constituency. The election result reveals that the BJP candidate had literally secured the Muslim votes as a monolithic block in some booths. Following this, there is a feeling in the party that Kanthapuram should be exposed,” IUML general secretary KPA Majeed told Twocircles.net.

“Muslim votes over the time have shown shifts of allegiance, but this time there is a disturbing trend. And it’s not the first ever time Kanthapuram taking an anti IUML stand. But it’s shocking that a Muslim cleric has engaged in campaigning votes for BJP candidate,” said party state committee member PA Rasheed.

The post poll analyze had come as a shock for the party leadership, when t found that more than 70 per cent of the polled votes in Muslims strongholds of Manjeshwaram went to BJP’s account.

KPA Majeed said that no IUML leaders will take part in any programme, organised by Kanthapuram faction and the party will not cooperate with Kanthapuram.

Meanwhile, Kerala Muslim Jama’th state secretary N Ali Abdulla said that the decision was going to do nothing bad with the AP faction.” IUML has been taking stance against us in the past. We survived then; we will survive it now,” he said.