Students in Kozhikode extend Ramadan relief to Tribal people

By Shafeeq Hudawi,

Kozhikode: For Muslims, Ramadan is month of charity and relief. If the figures with Muslim organisations are taken into account, crores of rupees are spent during Ramadan as it is believed to bring umpteen benefits and blessings for good deeds.

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However, unlike organisations who often tend to conduct relief activities in cities and mosques, the students of TK Public School at Engappuzha, a hilly hamlet of Kozhikode district are showing the way of charity by focussing on a nearby Tribal colony. Under the aegis of a collective called Social Service League, the students are on a mission to help all families in the colony by providing them food during Ramadan.

“The students have selected ten families in the tribal colony. They have delivered rice and sugar along with other commodities to one family. Fund raising programmes are on to help more families ,” says TK Shanavas, one of the school teachers.

What makes this effort even more praise worthy is that the students collected the entire amount from their own pockets.

Both school authorities and students see the activities as an opportunity to be cognizant of the good culture of charities.
This gives several budding social activists to the society.

“In fact, our mission is aimed at contributing a generation with ardent commitment to the society,” Shanavas added.