BJP Bengal chief now threatens to break necks with bare hands

Kolkata : West Bengal State BJP president Dilip Ghosh, who seems to have made it a habit to hog the limelight for all the wrong reasons, has now threatened to beat up Trinamool Congress leaders inside their houses and break their necks with bare hands by using RSS training.

Speaking at a protest meeting in his constituency Kharagpur Sadar of West Midnapore district against the alleged attacks on party cadres by Trinamool activists, Ghosh also warned of using the third degree method of all those who voted for the ruling party.

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“We have 8,000 workers in Kharagpur. Trinamool has got 34,000 votes. Now if we beat them up, even their fathers can’t save them.

“Our boys are in jail. When they come out we will get the opportunity to show our muscle power, and we will show it,” said Ghosh, who has repeatedly drawn flak from political opponents and the civil society for using intemperate language.

Ghosh also took the name of the Sangh parivar head, the RSS, in his speech, the video for which has now gone viral.

“We can very well indulge in violence if we are attacked. Half of the people here are trained by RSS (Rashhtriya Swayamsevak Sangh). Breaking the neck with bare hands is no big deal for us,” he said.

The BJP has won three seats, including Kharagpur Sadar that elected Ghosh in the just-concluded state assembly polls, whereas the Trinamool bagged a whopping 211 seats to retain power in the 294-member house.

“We have won three seats. But that is enough to give a befitting reply to the Trinamool,” he said.

The BJP leader warned the Trinamool MPs and MLAs that they would face tough situations if they go outside the state.

“You are showing us 211 legislators. We have 1,400. You have 34 MPs. We have over 270. When you go to Delhi we will get back at you.”

Continuing his explosive statements, he threatened to beat up Trinamool workers inside their houses.

“We will lock you in your house. We will cut off water supply and power, and then beat you black and blue.”

GhoshAhad earlier in the week issued a similar threat to Trinamool MPs.

“I, Dilip Ghosh, state this in my capacity as state BJP president. If the atrocities do not stop, we will cross all limits. .. Their Lok Sabha MPs will have to go to Delhi. We will see how they return from Delhi,” he said.

Earlier this month, he drew widespread outrage for his remarks calling a section of Jadavpur University female students as “shameless”.