Ban of Islamic Research Foundation an attack on Muslim identity: SDPI

By TCN News

Social Democratic Party of India national president A. Sayeed stated that NDA government’s decision to ban Islamic Research Foundation is nothing but another violation of Constitutional rights and attack on Muslim identity in the country.

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In a press statement, A Sayeed asserted that the ban is imposed on flimsy grounds without evidence to substantiate that the organization is involved in any kind of anti-national or communal activities. Imposing UAPA on IRF is an indication that the BJP led NDA government is trying to scare Muslims not to preach and propagate their religion in the country. IRF is working in the country for the last twenty-five years involving in peaceful propagation of Islam and healthful inter religious conversations. Instead of preventing the spread of vicious communal hatred by the Sangh Parivar, BJP lead central government is trying to muzzle Islamic ideologues.

The BJP government is aiming at communalisation of Indian society and polarization of vote banks. The draconian law UAPA has become a tool in the hands of successive governments for the social exclusion of targeted communities; push them behind the bars and to impose frightful bans to persecute them collectively.