BJP workers issue death threats to student who shot video of garbage on Kozhikode beach after Modi rally

By Shafeeq Hudawi,

Kozhikode: A student from Malappuram has received death threats from BJP supporters after he posted a video showing the garbage that had accumulated at Kozhikode beach after the public rally of BJP national council came to an end.

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On Sunday morning, Shameer Kazim, a journalism student in Kozhikode and native of Nilambur, Malappuram, took a video of the beach which had been littered considerably. The video, which was posted on Shameer’s Facebook account, got around three lakh views and was shared by more than 11,000 profiles. The video went viral on social media as activists and political leaders.

Shameer Kazim
Shameer Kazim

Soon after the video went viral, Shameer started to receive derogatory comments and messages on Facebook, which later led to a rally at his native Pookkottumpadam in Nilambur.

“BJP and RSS activists are carrying a hate campaign against me in social media. They even didn’t spare my sister in comments and messages. Besides, in a rally taken out in my village local BJP and RSS activists threatened to kill me and chop my hands and legs. They shouted that I will be killed without getting a drop of water,” Shameer told

“Swachch Bharat is celebrated in the country. Let’s see the condition of Kozhikode beach a day after the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his followers. There are papers and plastic wastes strewn all over the place,” Shameer said in the video.

Grab of the video
Grab of the video

“I am a journalism student and it’s my duty to expose the hypocrisy of all, irrespective of their party and political stand. It needs intervention when the advocates of Swachh Bharat fail to do justice to the Prime Minister’s much celebrated campaigns,” he said.

As a journalism student, Shameer sees the threats as recognition for his first attempt as a journalist.

Shameer said that legal action will be taken against the threateners after consulting experts.